Dropcatcher.de Domain Bot

You have reached this page because our Domain Bot has visited your Web site. Here you can find all the information about our Domain Bot.

What is Domain Bot?

Our Domain Bot is a Web indexing robot, similar to the ones used by search engines. It crawls Web sites and analyzes their contents.

Why do you use Domain Bot?

We use the Domain Bot in order to assess the value of domain names, by analyzing their contents and Web links between domains. This information is used in order to determine possible value of domains with regard to traffic, PageRank, link exchanges and other criteria.

We are not a search engine. Therefore we do not provide a searchable index of Web pages.

How do I block the Domain Bot?

Our Domain Bot observes all the rules in /robots.txt file, as expected from all well-behaving Web robots. You can use this file to block access to any portions of your Web site you do not want us to see. You can also write rules specifically for our robot. In this case, use the user agent name: Dropcatcher.de, like in this example:

User-Agent: Dropcatcher.de
Disallow: /